For consumers who wish to save money on airfare tickets there are more ways than one to achieve this end. You may comparison shop, which is the best known way to find the best deals. You may also use websites that conveniently provide you with the top deals available from different travel sites. Or alternatively you may opt to bid on travel.

The aforementioned method is said to save you the most money on travel prices. This will consist of entering auctions from different websites to bid against other users in order to obtain the best possible deals. There are many websites available for users who wish to seek the best rates when travelling. However you should still do some comparison shopping before entering any auctions for airfare tickets. Read reviews from other customers about these websites to get a better appreciation of their overall performance. It is possible to get a ticket at one of these auctions and end up with a less than favourable deal. It is also advisable that you read the fine print on each item up for auction, if there are additional fees this may decrease the savings to be gained. There are a few websites that can be used to bid for airfare tickets. You may also find complete package deals on these sites if you wish to book your hotel and airfare together.

The process of bidding for a ticket will include the following

  • Finding an internet based auction website by researching the various ones available.
  • Once you have settled on the one you prefer then you can register and begin using the site.
  • Search through all the offerings they have available to find the most suitable one.
  • Bid on the choice item, but be sure to have a clear limit on the amount you’re willing to spend.
  • Once you have successfully won a bid you may complete the process by submitting your travel details and retrieving your ticket.
  • Remember to read the fine print and find out as much as you can before bidding on any airline tickets.

A few travel auction websites include the following

Sky Auction

  • Sky Auction is dedicated to providing auctioning services for prospective travellers.
  • They allow you to purchase your travel plans and bid only on the specific items of interest.
  • Most auctions will begin at $1 which will greatly increase the likelihood of attaining cheaper rates.


  • Priceline gives you the option to name your own price.
  • You can access their bidding option by clicking on the box that reads “bid now”.
  • They say that you can save up to 40% on flights by using this option.


  • Ebay is an auction source for many items including shoes, clothes, electronics, books, cameras, travel among other things. Users bid against other users on the specific items to see who will ultimately claim the item.
  • Subsequently ebay is a great source for finding travel tickets that are being auctioned.